Preetesh, Pretsel. My friend and colleague.

It’s a busy world full of promise and opportunity. It’s easy to get distracted and try everything.

Before we met, I was all over the place. All great intentions but my focus was broad. You saw my confidence, my tenacity and my distraction which lead to procrastination.

Quickly you could see where the light needed to shine and gently guided me to focus on the importance of being clear in my business’ values, communication, it’s marketing and who we were trying to share this with.

Your eye for marketing, your ability to cut through the rubbish and your thorough audits meant GreenSky could finally be on purpose.

I always look forward to our meetings. You have these explosive creative ideas that come deep from your heart to communicate it in a way that is not only necessary, but it is a measured “priority” for me to work on NOW.

Thank you for letting me question everything and then responding in your gentle but no nonsense, with evidence supported reasonings. Your eyes – you look straight through to me with those eyes “Sky, this is necessary and here are the reasons why.”

You’ve been there from the beginning and have watched us grow grow grow from the local farmers market to the point where we are this year’s National Organic Consumer Choice Runner Up, preparing for the 200th Anniversary of the Royal Easter Show and working on launching our brand across Australia.

Could not have done it without you, Sir. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sky Hunt
Founder, Managing Director
GreenSky Organic
December 2022