Preetesh has a truly amazing mind! His creative insight and input with all things entrepreneurial is incredibly valuable.

Several years ago, when I was writing a book, he suggested that I source paid sponsorship to pay for publishing by “selling” the chapters in the book. I raised $6,500 for the production in a few weeks! I then took the same creative inspiration and used it to produce a multiple author book. We generated in excess of $28,000 from this project in 2014. I used the same concept again and generated more than $30,000 from a second multiple author book!

These are just a few examples of how Preetesh’s natural creative mind have benefited me in my business. He truly believes in the vision of what is possible and has many creative ideas on how to bring that to life in an authentic, heartfelt and commercial way, so that we can earn a living by sharing our gifts with the world.
Your time and investment with him will be worth every dollar.

Thank you Preetesh – you are AWESOME!”

Emily Gowor
Author, Writer & Keynote Speaker