Preetesh Morar is the Founder and CEO of YZ Marketing, he is a creator and innovator who works with entrepreneurs and business owners internationally to help them get the Edge and amplify their success. As an experienced Marketer, Coach and Video Specialist, he assists individuals, brands and businesses in using video marketing to share their message, educate and unleash even more power to increase their results.

A natural creative genius, qualified in design and marketing, he went onto a career in advertising, marketing and sales. Embracing his entrepreneurial spirit he now runs his own successful business providing businesses with online marketing and branding solutions. Pretsel has taken his success with businesses and combined it with his passion for sport to create My Legado (‘My Legacy’ in Spanish). My Legado focuses on empowering Elite Sports Professionals online. Pretsel is an inspiration and with his fun attitude challenges the way people play in the marketing and branding space with outstanding results.

Pretsel is a Global Media Expert! With experience in Film, TV, Marketing, Sales and as a International Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Mentor to clients all over the world he will open up ideas and possibilities to take you and your business to the next level. This is why his clients say he is a Superstar and refer to him as the Game Changer!



I LOVE sport and have a set of skills, knowledge I want to share this like so many people to make a difference! I like discovering what people want and creating ways to inspire them to make it happen and inspire others in the process. I have FUN mixing the skills I have and my MASSIVE passion for sport!

Personally sport has been a vechile that has taught me so much and also been the common connection in being able to make friends all over the world. I have the opportunity now to give back.. and I am working on taking it with both hands!! I like so many had a dreams as a Kid of putting on a top and representing my country. Just like so many other kids these dreames were often very quickly taken Poped or quickly taken away by, not being fast enough, big enough, skilled enough, politics, funding and countless other excuses..

I also saw, heard and flet for people who had made it to compete at the International level and their dreams of were taken away in very similar circumstances… And then there are those who have had made the commintments, sacrifces and when it is all over in many cases the support network is no longer there to help them in the in the next phase of thier life.



I love working with Athletes, discovering what they want and support them in achieving them. I do this by developing simple ways to create a strong online presence to build a fanbase, add value to the fans and the sponsors. For the athlete I share simple ways to build a database that will proove to be so valuable in the future.

looking at the results I have had so far it sends shivvers down my spine every time I realise just by supporting and inspiring 1 person with what I do can reach thousands. These Athletes now have a way to have FUN doing what they LOVE and reaching their fans, communicating with them, sharing their story and inspiring thousands of fans from all over the world easily that they were not able to reach before. Some are noe even teaching others about the importance of branding..!!!

If you are ready today for increased global results like his clients are getting using Videos Internationally now is the time to …